2018 Commodores Cup

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   The day started off with rain early morning but by the time we cleared the HI Buoy, the day was beautiful and the wind, well let’s just say it was ok!!  We came prepared with 2 courses, one long and one short.  As it turned out, we changed the whole race around because of where the wind was coming from.  You can never predict weather!!

   We had Meantime as our Committee Boat, Thank you Maureen and Tim Leonard for lending it to Jamie and Cindy Cowan, Terry and Gus Sclafani, and Past Commodore Binnie Hightower.  They did a great job with flags and starts.  As we request, all competitors should monitor VHF CH. 68, because as necessity mandated, the Committee Boat moved the finish line!  Great job to all of them for keeping us informed well ahead of time.

   We had about 7kts of Wind from the NE at the start.  We had 4 buoys set:  Start Buoy, Committee Boat, East Buoy, Imagine, North Buoy, Third Tri 2, and South Buoy, Contrails.  Much appreciated for all their assistance and help.  Cheerios picked up the North Buoy on his homeward leg, thanks for that!!

   We were all winners this race as we all came out and every boat completed the course!  Of course, we are limited to who could take the hardware home!!  A big thanks to Bill Zimmer for those great trophies!  
Here are the “In The Money,” competitors:
ARC- 1st The Rabbit, Carl Wehe; 2nd Third Tri 2, Larry Geller; 3rd Haven, Eduardo Rabadan,(newest boat in the club, Congrats!)
JAM- 1st Contrails, Jim Wallace; 2nd Blue Runner, John Antweiler; 3rd Imagine, Michael Duvall
GNK- 1st WindPunk, Dale Kern; 2nd Fandango, Josh Dorval; 3rd Lizetta, Tom Garvey
COR- 1st Sempre Amantes, Colin Whitaker; 2nd Into The Blue, Michael Sparks; 3rd Alebrije, Hector Arrillaga 
MULTI- 1st Duet, Bill Stolberg; 2nd Our Way, John Van Blois

The Commodores Cup Perpetual Trophy was awarded to The Rabbit, Carl Wehe & Crew!!  Congratulations on a great race.  I don’t think I have ever seen a racer so honored and humbled to accept this trophy.  

   Thanks to all the crews who competed in this race. We all know it takes a team to compete.  Special thanks to one of our crew (Contrails) members, Don Hightower, 90 years young, who keeps the racing spark alive and does it so well!!  A special thanks to the Social Committee for all their preparation, great food, and photos!!  Katie Sparks kept me informed down to the last details!!

   We are looking forward to The Columbus Day Regatta, October 6&7th, and Fall Series 5&6 Oct. 21st, Fall Series 7&8 Oct 28th.  Good luck to everyone and we’ll see you on the line!

Barbara Wallace
Race Chair2018