Columbus Day 2018

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     It was a big boat kind of race.  The winds were out of the NE from 15-23kts with gusts to 30kts, rain, sun, and squalls, but at least a hurricane didn’t keep the race from being sailed.  It’s always a pleasure to race in Biscayne Bay with the wonderful protected waters.


     HISC had five entries:  Contrails, Commotion, Imagine, Third Tri 2, and The Rabbit.  The Rabbit came out Saturday but quickly decided this was not their kind of race.  Every boat has their day!    The high wind velocity favored the larger boats but the varied courses gave everyone a chance.


     The Race Committee was very professional.  They set courses that tested all fleets.  A total of 63 boats entered this year but the organizer wants to build it up to be what it was in the past, a hundred plus!  There’s always next year....


     We had two great parties.  The first was Saturday night at the Shake-A-Leg facility.  This organization supports children and adults with physical, developmental  and economic challenges.  This party featured an open bar by the main sponsor Bacardi, a buffet, and music that was provided by a DJ that had everyone dancing before the night was over.  The second Saturday party was the after race party at the CRYC, which was expressly for the trophy presentation for all the fleets.  Trophies were given to the first three finishers in each class.  The racers enjoyed pizza and rum punch before the presentations.  Everyone loves a good party and this was one of them!


     Congratulations to the following winners from HISC.  Non spin ARC:  Contrails 1st, Imagine 2nd.  Spin ARC:  Commotion 3rd.  Multi 1:  Third Tri 2 2nd.  We have always had a great turnout by our club and next year, hopefully, will be even better.  There’s a fleet out there for every type of sailor, give it a try.


Barbara Wallace

Race Chair 2018