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A great Oktoberfest raft up... Fun was had by all

An amazing turnout for the 2018 HISC Oktoberfest raft up! Six boats arrived Friday evening to start the weekend, along with one host boat: Intermission. Winpunk and Imagine rafted up by noon on Saturday. The party quickly got under way while preparations were being made for the evening festivities. Guests began to arrive by 1700, with sixteen boats attending and a near record head count of forty-six HISC members and their guests. Aboard Intermission, Chef Cheryl along with galley help prepared a spectacular German feast of red cabbage, traditional potato salad and Bratwurst. Chef Cheryl found a unique way to package and with the assembly line headed up by Carl from the Rabbit, were able to distribute hot meals to all.  Our Brewmeister and Rear Commodore, Dale of Windpunk, provided a wide selection of German Beers along with all the Oompahpah music.


Many of the guests arrived bearing appetizers and/or deserts to round out the menu. Paul Alcock, or should we say Paula, won the best costume hands down. Best desert goes to Eduardo and Eva of s/v Haven with a marvelous German Chocolate cake. Other notable mentions go to the meatball appetizers, liverwurst sandwiches, and a variety of other munchies. The party resumed early Sunday morning on the host boats with champagne and breakfast libations. Your host boats had a great time hosting this event and greatly appreciate all that came out to make the weekend a huge success! Oktoberfest 2019 will be a hard act to follow.