Labor Day Weekend Cruise

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Written by Karyn Katz; Posted by Pam Angel

Labor Day Weekend Cruise – hosted by Karyn and Alan Katz and Lisa and Brad Coleman

According to the weather forecast, Labor Day Weekend was supposed to be a total washout with rain and wind. We got very lucky and had a wonderful Saturday and Sunday morning. The weather on Saturday was sunny with winds averaging 15 knots out of the east, with an occasional gust to 22knots. Perfect sailing weather to Palm Beach. Most of us made it to Cannonsport in about 5 hours. By 1PM, Ciboney, Persistence, Fandango, Alebrije, Paradocs, and Shoal Mate were settled into their slips with Lady Grey coming in around 3PM. Everyone came aboard Ciboney to enjoy Alan’s special rum punch. Very re- freshing on a hot summer day. By 4PM, we brought out a few delicious appetizers made by our host, Lisa. The cruisers were joined by about 10 other club members who came to the marina to meet us to enjoy rum punch and appetizers.

At 7:30PM we all met at Johnny Longboats for dinner. There were 34 Club members who joined us for the meal. Live music, cold drinks and a wonderful selection of food items were enjoyed by all. Sunday Morning, we were greeted by sunshine and a light breeze. A quick walk next door to Sailfish Marina res- taurant for breakfast. The restaurant offered their regular breakfast menu, or you could opt for the extensive buf- fet brunch and Bloody Mary bar. Twenty-two Club members joined us for the breakfast. Due to the quickly declining weather forecasted for the rest of the weekend, many of us chose to sail home on Sun- day afternoon. Fandango and Shoal Mate chose to stay the rest of the weekend at Cannonsport. Singer Island was a great destination to end the summer cruising season.


Cheers, Karyn




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Great Event despite the storm!!      Great location too!