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Hello sailors, Spring is still in the air. Of course, in Florida that means more of the same sailing we enjoy all winter. Since our boats are in water year round it is a good time, to run through a safety checklist, like the ones on Florida Fish and Wildlife at ....

April edition of the Inet/Outlet is here!

Hello HISC Sailors,
This month is my first as commodore and the culmination of months of planning. I am honored to have been selected to serve and hope to continue all the traditions of HISC.

Hello Sailors,

Articles in this Edition:

From the Helm: House Money

Race Season Recap

Also includes information on:

Annual Superbowl party

Chili Cookoff

Couples Race

Change of Command

Public Version of the August 2018 Inlet Outlet Newsletter

On May 19 th Hospice ran the 21 st annual regatta. Weather was definitely a factor with wind gusts up to 45 knots. 29 boats registered, 12 started, and only 4 finished. HISC was well represented. Half of the finishers who won prizes were Hillsboro Inlet....

We dominated the Gulfstream Regatta. And, as ever, our parties large and small have added to the spirit (with spirits) of the “best sailing club ever.”

Public Edition:

Did you ever stop to consider that we average more than one event per week? They are usually accompanied with a party.