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The website is re-locating

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The club website ( ) is in the process of relocating to a new platform. This process will take a few weeks to roll out and then a few more to complete the upload of all of the club documents and articles. The new site has many advantages over our existing site - most notably will be the integration of Club Member data and Website integration. Other benefits will be improved Email resources, Online Event planning, Quartermaster store and much more.

Hillsboro Inlet Bridge

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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District Four, will host a Construction Open House both in person and virtually regarding the erosion prevention of State Road A1A Bridge over the Hillsboro Inlet in the City of Pompano Beach. Please see the attached Construction Open House invitation flyer to learn about the State Road (SR) A1A Bridge over the Hillsboro Inlet Project in the City of Pompano Beach.


Ship in Stormy Seas

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Robert Louis Stevenson - 1850-1894
The sheets were frozen hard, and they cut the naked hand;
The decks were like a slide, where a seamen scarce could stand;
The wind was a nor'wester, blowing squally off the sea;