Change of Command Raft

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Some of us arrived on Friday afternoon for the possible raft up on Saturday. Weather predictions were not that great and Ross the Raft Master was seeking professional weather knowledge to assist in his decision of whether to form the Circle or Not. The decision was ‘Not’. And blustery winds Saturday proved that was the right decision.

Ross, the Raft MasterLake Boca was not crowded, but those boats already there were taking up a lot of the prime anchoring spots. Eximius dug in at the North Eastern corner of the lake ready for the Staff boats to raft alongside on Saturday.

By 5pm Saturday, 20 Club Member’s boatshad arrived: (In alphabetical order) 1700, Affection, Alebrije, Bold Response, Charade, Cheerios, Commotion, Dalecarlia, Eximius, Fandango, Gettin'Nauti, Glory BE, Invictus, LadyGrey, LibertyWind, Paradocs, PlushToy, Rhapsody, Underway, WindPunk. There were also at least 5 boats from the Sailing Singles of South Florida arrived and rafted up together.

Before the crowds arrived Saturday, we had a little excitement, one of our club member’s dinghys was being swept towards the Boca Inlet due to heavy current, wind and failed outboard (fuel). The dink skipper didn’t have a radio but had his cell-phone. He texted WindPunk and the call went out to all of the other dinks to go to the rescue. Upon arrival at the dink, we found that a friendly boat had seen what was happening and took the dink in tow, they handed the painter to us and we tried to tow the dink. But no luck, just went around in circles. By the time we realized that we needed to use a longer painter, Ross arrived with a lot more horses on the back of his dink and successfully towed the wayward dink and skipper back to the raftup. No Names, No Pack Drill.

Cruise FlagThe Cruise committee showed off the new Cruising flag which looks very cool! Simple, gives the sense activities on the water and very modern. Great job Cruise Committee.

Outgoing Commodore—Jeff Sussman, and Dale Kern—in coming Commodore guided us through the Change of Command Flag Ceremony and the new flags were raised on WindPunk, Eximius, Commotion, Dalecarlia and Affection.

Soon is it was time for the traditional Dink Drift, Dine and Drink (at least that as I see it) and all those with dinks joined up astern of the Staff Raftup and the food lived up to expectations! Sorry I don’t have pictures, but there was more than plenty to go around, even with the few extra guests that arrived via dink taxi. With more food than we needed, I suggested that we combine it and take it over to Lady Gray, Dalecarlia and Glory Be that had rafted off to the west of the lake. Instead of combining the food into one or two trays (or three!) we agreed to dingy raft over to them. With three of the dinks running outboards, one supplied forward thurst to the raft of about 15 dinghies, and two more provided steering—not a pretty sight— we finally arrived astern of Lady Gray where those aboard were celebrating Dave Hoffman’s Birthday. I think the dinghy flotilla was one of the best parts of the day. It showed how our club gets things done together for the benefit of all.

Everything went well this weekend.

That was until Eximius’ Alternator Support arm broke as we motored away from the Lake Sunday. We ended up getting towed back to our slip. Thanks to the Skipper of Commotion, they hung around long enough to ensure that we were ok. Tow Boat US came through for us.

Despite the break, it was a great weekend!

Watching for Boats

Not many pics from the weekend but here’s one of our 2020 Commodore taking names as boats arrived at Lake Boca for the Change of Command Raft Up 2020.


Paul Alcock