Change of Command Raft

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The 2019 Change of Command Circle Raft up was a huge success. Current count is at least 32 Club boats with at least 4 other club members dinking in for the festivities on Saturday.


Friday Night

  1. Eximius
  2. Diversion
  3. Kokomo
  4. Sojfn
  5. Imagine
  6. Intermission
  7. Affection
  8. Paradox
  9. Lady grey
  10. Windpunk
  11. Duet
  12. Commotion
  13. Alebrje
  14. Ohana
  15. Sirocco

Saturday Night

  1. Hallabaloo
  2. Pegasus
  3. Dalcarlia
  4. Semper Amantes
  5. Fandango
  6. Plush Toy
  7. Cookie monster
  8. Alegria
  9. Lizzetta
  10. Cheerios
  11. Stargazer
  12. Golden Light
  13. Jaloha
  14. Northern Lights
  15. Persistence
  16. Valhalla
  17. Feeling naughty

Arrive by Dink or other boat

  1. Esprit du vent
  2. Rabbit
  3. Michael Cross

Several other boats from the Single Sailor and other Sailing Clubs were present.


Eduardo & Eva provided some great photos overlooking the circle and many other members posted pics to facebook. The Photo Link is:

Cruising Flag

Friday afternoon, member’s dinked to each others boats and shared how their trip to the Lake went on the beautiful sailing day. Eximius sailed from Port Everglades after spending Thursday night at Lake Sylvia, if others had as great a sail as us, then everyone enjoyed it.Paul Alcock

Saturday, Ross worked aboard Commotion to arrange the boats into the circle with the help of a a few dinghy tugs. Bow anchors were dropped by nearly half of the raftees and at least 4 stern anchors were planted in the middle of the circle. It all went pretty smoothly which was a testament to the Raft Master Ross’ Skill and experience (yes, we’re hoping he’ll work his magic again next year)

During the afternoon, the Cruising Committee handed out a few last minute Cruising Host’s Gifts and then prepared for the Change of Command Ceremony, Flags were lowered changed boats and raised. The 2019 Cruising Flag—with the emblem ‘Let’s Go Sailing’ - was shown to all in attendance as the cruise committee dinghy travelled around the inside of the circle.

Then it was time for the Dink & Drift. I cannot believe that all that food was eaten! There were probably 24 dinghies in the drift and each must have enough food to feed everyone! Dinner was not required!

Dave Legrow, Jeff Keiser, Jeff Sussman, and my self plus a couple of other intrepid drivers were probably all exhausted by the time the Dink & Drift was over, but we still had time to chat with others as they came around the circle, all with the Raft Master’s message to MIND THE GAP.

A great weekend



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Great Weather, Lots of Boats, Good Friends!!