Classified Ads by Club Members

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Club Members may submit a Classified Ad for inclusion in the Inlet Outlet and here in the Classifieds section of our website.

To submit a classified, please send the following to the Inlet Outlet Editor:

  1. Title (include 'For Sale', 'For Rent', 'Wanted')
  2. Picture
  3. Item Description, up to about 400 words
  4. Price (or ''Call')
  5. Contact Name
  6. Phone Number (or 'In Club Roster' if you don't want to show your #)

The Ad will be included in the Classifieds section. They will also be included in next months Inlet Outlet if they are received by the 15th of the month.

The editor will determine if the Ad is appropriate.

Please confirm with the editor that you wish the Ad to continue in the next edition, they will automatically drop out of the Classifieds Section unless renewed by the 20th of the month.





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Just trying to find my earlier post.  How do I know if it went through?


Carole Fielder



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Carole, yes both came through ok. We're just back from the Father's Day cruise. It will get posted this morning :)