Fall Race Series

Contrails Crew!
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The Fall series racing ended with heavier winds, SE 12-15, and the waves were building for Race 10.   It was truly a big boat race day!  Congratulations to all the skippers and their crews for coming out and racing all the series races.


“In the money,” for those of us who have fond memories of Mary Wells, she always announced this at all the After Race parties.  So here are the winners for both races this past Sunday:


Race 9:  ARC: 1st Third Tri 2, 2nd The Rabbit.  JAM:  1st Sempre Amantes, 2nd Imagine, 3rd Into The Blue.  


Race 5 GNK:  1st Star Gazer, 2nd Fandango


Race 10:  ARC: 1st Third Tri 2. JAM:  1st Sempre Amantes, 2nd Into The Blue, 3rd Imagine.


Thanks to Meantime for being The Boat Committee with Tim Leonard, Gus Sclafani, Cindy & Jamie Cowan, and Holly Griffin.  A great big thank you goes to the mark setter boats, Third Tri 2, Imagine, and Contrails.  They have been a big help for all Races and we couldn’t have done these races without them.  We can’t forget our Race Consultant and Race Results people, Ci day Cowan and Patricia Demars.  Thanks to Bill Zimmer for providing our after race trophies.

Thanks to Jamie Cowan for handling Races 7&8, in my absence.


We have the best racing club in our area.  In order to keep this reputation, we must ask people to step up and volunteer for our racing positions.  Don’t let the same people do the jobs year after year!  Volunteer!


The Mary Wells Coastal Race is this Saturday,  November 10th.  Same place, 1 1/2 NM north of     The HI Buoy.  Start time at 11:00am, hopefully the sea breeze will kick in, the race course will be announced prior to the start of the race.  Let’s all come out and have a great race and of course, the after race party is at Cindy and Jamie Cowan’s (1560 SE 14th Drive, DFB, FL) and it’s always a great one!


Thanks, once again, to my boat, Contrails for always being there, supportive, and patient for this whole race season.  Naturally, it was fun to have my son, Josh Wendel, onboard for our last Fall Series Races.


See you on the line,

Barbara Wallace