Fall Series 2018

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Fall Series

By the time you read this, we’ll be well into the Fall Series. If the weather conditions hold we’ll have 10 Fall Series races (2 races per day as scheduled), and 2 Coastal races. Also coming up at the end of September will be the Broward Cup. Let’s hope that Columbus Day will go off without a hitch this year. HISC Racers have always had high participation in this event.

Remember Racers, this is your racing venue and we need to have everyone come out and participate. If you are new to racing, we welcome you. The best thing you can do is come out, get a feel for where the buoys are set, watch the mark boats as it will depend on where the wind is coming from as to where they are set. Get a clear lane for the start, and try to have a game plan or if you don’t have one, find a boat to follow! We were all there at one time or another and you just have to get your feet wet! It’ll take no time for your competitive spirit to kick in and you’ll be telling stories with the best of them.

We are looking for volunteers to set buoys for the Fall Series. If you are interested contact me: barbandjimsailing@gmail.com and we’ll get you lined up. Everyone needs to be engaged in our racing program. Thanks for your help.

See you on the line,
Barbara Wallace
Race Chair