Fathers' Day Cruise

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by Eduardo Rabadan, Cookie Monster

For those that were not there we had a very successful fathers day cruise.  A total of 10 boats from the club participated in the festivities in addition to several other members that arrived at Bahia Mar using a much faster but less entertaining form of transportation.  Most of the boats there had participated in the Nederlanden race which very conveniently ended right in front of Bahia Mar.  Following the well established Murphy’s law we were informed that the Captain’s Quarters, which is where we normally have the festivities, was rented out to the owner’s daughter (what a nerve!) sending Christeen into mild cardiac arrest.  Through her charm she was able to secure the private gardens, complete with chairs and tables from the very helpful staff at the hotel.  She even managed to get a blower installed so it was cool and bug free!  

This event is a joint effort of the racing, social and cruising committees so it was spectacular!  The festivities started at 5:30 with over 60 people attending including Bill Nederlanden’s son Alan and granddaughter Jessica.  With the food provided by the social committee you know it had to be good - fried chicken, meatballs, pasta salad, subs, watermelon, brownies and cookies.  A toast was made in honor of Bill Nederlanden with lemon bitter - his favorite drink - and several speeches were made in his honor, all of them involving the word rum for some reason.  Michael Sparks proceeded to announce the race results and pictures were taken to record the event for posterity (and for those who do not remember that they were there). 

Sunday was followed by a tasty breakfast which included bagels with cream cheese, brownies and the best bloody mary’s this side of the Mississippi.  These drinks are practically a meal on a glass with celery, pearl onions, olives, shrimp and even home made candied bacon!   Since it started to rain nobody was in much of a hurry to leave but eventually we had to say our good byes.  We were lucky that it didn’t rain Saturday but Sunday’s return home was a different story.  It poured most of the afternoon, enough to have to get out the foul weather gear. 

If you have not been on a cruising trip this is a great opportunity to meet other members and make new friends.  The next event is the Independence Day cruise and Veteran's Appreciation Day July 4th. weekend which will also give you the opportunity to see the fireworks from a prime viewing spo