Happy (belated) New Year

Pam Angel's picture

So what did you do to celebrate the arrival of the New Year?  HISC members from fourteen club boats joined in the event, braved the weather, and shared in the festivities. Imagine and Feelin' Nauti served as the host boats and set up for the event. The official activities started at 5pm with a happy hour consisting of scrumptious hors d'oeuvres, drinks, drinks, drinks, and more drinks. Needless to say, it didn't take much to get the party rolling. At 11 pm about a dozen guests returned for the gift exchange and what fun we had. This year's instructions requested that the gifts be the WORST gifts you've ever received. We had some serious laughter with that. As host, I had the pleasure of anointing the worst gift of the evening - a flamingo lit vase.  The night continued on with uncorking of the champagne, a fireworks display compliments of the Boca Resort, and dropping of the crystal ball from Imagine's mast. I have to say that this event was a sparkling success. The weather cooperated (of course, this was an HISC 'cruising' event not a 'racing' one), we had a great turnout, and the companionship was superb.

Your Hosts,

Feelin Nauti (Ken and Elizabeth White) & Imagine (Michael and Brenda Duvall)