Independence Day 2019

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It’s always a delight to host a club cruising event and the 2019 Independence Day Cruise was no exception.


We arrived at the Bahia Mar Resort & Marina at Noon, out boat loaded with a couple of Storage bins of Cruising goodies ( Cups, Plates, Dishes, KFS, Napkins, table covers, serving spoons and platters) as well as the new HISC Feather Flags. Our cooler had my home made (ie not on the boat) Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, Large Seeded Bread loaf and  Flourless Chocolate Cake.


I thought we would make a bit of a splash, but we were far from the top of the food chain!  By 5pm members had started to arrive at the Bahhia Mar’s Captains Quarters and quickly covered the counter top with some awesome foods! Salads, Appetizers, Entrees, and ohhh! Those Deserts!


We had 9 boats reserve slips at the Marina, including a prospective member, we had at least 18 members/guests arrive by car. I’m pretty sure we were able to give them all parking permits—just as well as the Resort was charging $50 (yes Fifty) for parking on the 4th. Our permits cost just $8.00. So both those coming by boat got a good deal, slip rates were about 50% of the regular non-group rate.


Anyone getting to the resort early had the chance of paying a $5.00 entrance fee to listen to the live band at the Swimming pool patio, although we could hear the band from anywhere in the resort.


We shared the Captains Quarters with the power boaters from the Sea Birds club and invited them to share anything we brought. Paul Chasse and Brenda Smith led us in singing the 1st verse of the National Anthem and then we tucked into the food. There was not much left by the end of the social! Several people asked for my Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe, and I heard others asking about everything from the Salads to the deserts—folks were going around the buoy and cleaning their plates.


Despite the ongoing friendly chatter between the members, Hector, Dale, Judy, Tom and a few others, struck up a sing-a-long and we totally forgot to hold the Patriotic Quiz that Bob Schuldenfrei had put together – it wasn’t wasted, we held the Quiz during the Ad Hoc Cruise on Saturday.


Around 7pm folks started to go home / to their boats, but, as always, many stayed to help clear up. The camaraderie of the club members always makes hosting a cruise an easy and stress free pleasure. So my thanks go to everyone that helps put it together: Tom & Peder—thanks for putting the new club flats up, Pat & Bob for organizing the food setup, and everyone else that helped make our guests welcome.


 Boats in attendance

1. Eximius

2. Affection

3. Esprit du vent

4. Diversion

5. Windpunk

6. Pegasus

7. Siderno potential member

8. Glory be

9. Cherrios


Car dinks

1. Tom Garvey 

2. Peder Sahlin

3. Brenda Smith

4. Hector

5. David Tourock potential member

6. Hillary loftus

7. Jeff miskin

8. Peter Penner

9. David Hoffman