Introduction to HISC

Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club
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This event happened on April 30th and we 

thank all those that attended.    We will host 

another similar event in the futures.


If you are interested in knowing when we 

schedule another, let me know at




Not a member of HISC, but have been wondering what the club is all about?     


On April 30th at 7pm, we are going to host a video call explaining the activities and happenings that go on here at the club.    This is a great opportunity to learn how the club benefits sailors in the tri-county area.


We will be discussing topics such as our Race Program,  Cruising Program, Youth Sailing Program, and Social activities.  HISC is a great way to get your boat out, or crew with boats that are active in Southeast Florida.


If you would like to attend, please contact me at for information on how to join the video call.


Dale Kern
HISC Commodore



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Thank you to all who attended this meeting.   Good to chat.    Hope to see you on the water.

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It was great to see the potential members meet with us online. I think it was particularly good because they had the chance to meet almost on a one to one basis. When they eventually come to a face to face general meeting, they will already know some of the members. Well done Dale!