Landlubber Cruise

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Hosted by Joe and Barb Gomez, & Jeff and Jan Miskin

Swaying palms, the sound of water, tropical breezes……yeah, it was all there.  Only thing missing was Jimmy Buffet himself!  

Nearly 60 peeps came to Casa Gomez to enjoy a fun day of swimming, camaraderie, games, and of course the August HISC General Meeting.  Vice Commodore Dale Kern filled in for vacationing Commodore Jeff Sussman, and as per tradition most agenda items were dispensed with rather quickly.   Let the indoor games begin.  A sailing trivia contest after the meeting was followed by a “name the source of that sailing phrase” that had lots of participation, laughter and prizes.   A big shout-out to West Marine Pompano for giving us hats and sunscreen to give out along with the HISC fave, miniature booze bottles.

     Cheeseburgers in Paradise,  in Jimmy’s words:


But at night I'd had these wonderful dreams
Some kind of sensuous treat
Not zucchini, fettuccine or bulghar wheat
But a big warm bun and a huge hunk of meat

Cheeseburger in paradise (paradise)
Heaven on earth with an onion slice (paradise)
Not too particular not too precise (paradise)
I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise


OK, we’re talk’in food here; The hosts flipped cheeseburgers and dogs while the membership brought a plethora of side dishes, salads, desserts and more.  Of note was the home made Jamaican Jerk  chicken  wings and dummies  by new members Karima  and Mark  ________.   Wow,  stole the show.   I cannot imagine that anybody walked away hungry from this feast.  If you didn’t make it this year, you missed a great feed, swim and Karaoke.  The weather had been threatening, but luckily spared our party goers.   Thanks for ordering up the good weather Joe!


Respectfully written by,  Jeff Miskin  (yeah, ‘I Get No Respect’)



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Fantastic party and great article.    And the picure is the best.    Thank you for sharing!