Mary Wells Coastal 2018

Mary Wells Perpetual Trophy
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The wind was light, about 6 knots out of the NE, waves were slight and it was a beautiful, sunny day.  There were 11 boats out, a light turn out compared to the rest of the coastal races but then it’s been a bad year for boat problems!  Thanks to all the racers who persevered as it wasn’t a big boat kind of race.  Although the wind was expected to build later in the day, we never saw it and decided once around was more than enough!  There is always next year!  A few comments were bantered about at the after race party but what the heck, it makes for interesting conversations!


Congratulations to all the “In The Money” boats, as Mary Wells used to say.  The Perpetual Trophy went to Third Tri 2.  ARC: 1st Third Tri 2, 2nd

The Rabbit.  JAM:  1st Contrails, 2nd Endurance, 3rd Imagine.  COR:  1st Into The Blue, 2nd Sempre Amantes, 3rd Paradocs.  MULTI:  1st Lady Grey, 2nd Duet.


A big thank you to the boat Meantime, Maureen and Tim Leonard, who have graciously used their boat to start several of our races this season.  We look forward to them rejoining the fleet for racing this coming year!  The Boat/Beach Committee headed by Terry and Gus Sclafani and joining  them Holly Griffin.  Great job and very crucial to our racing program, thank you to all who helped them this year!  Thanks to Cindy and Jamie Cowan for hosting our After Race Party and to Linda and John Kaelblein for being our party chairs this year!  Our trophies, as usual, were great, thanks Bill Zimmer.


Where would we be without our buoy setters?  Out of luck for a course!

Thanks to all these boats for taking time to set and pick up the buoys and for storing them:  Contrails, Imagine, Third Tri 2, Meantime, Sempre Amantes.  We appreciate your continued support to our racing program.


As racers we are always concerned about dive boats but what about big fishing boats such as the boat, Fish City Pride?  This boat came dangerously close to broad siding Contrails just prior of the East mark.  We always think those boats are watching and know where we are, but, guess what, this one didn’t have a clue!  So Say Something, Do Something is what we all need to be aware of when on the race course.  If not for yelling and making them aware of our presence we might have suffered dire consequences!  Be on the defense all the time!


Good luck to Sempre Amantes and crew as they race in the Ft. Lauderdale to Key West Race in January.  We’ll be cheering all of you on!  Our next official and last race of our season will be the Valentines Day Race on Feb. 9, 2019.

In closing, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, a Happy Hanukkah, and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Be safe out on the high Seas or wherever your journey takes you.






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It was a close finish, with only a few feet between JALOHA and Paradocs. We gave it our best shot, but corrected time prevailed. Leaving JALOHA dead last :(. We to are registered for Wirth Munroe and Key West. See you at the next meeting. Corey