May Program - Pam Wall

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For our May program Pam Wall will be presenting the second part  "Outfitting Your Boat for Bluewater Cruising".  This section will cover the interior of the boat.    Zoom information will be sent out to HISC Members via email.     If you are not a member and would like to participate, visit our Membership section for information on how to join.


Pam is also mentioned in our Club History in the article "Three who Spoke".


Pam Wall did what most people dream about! She sailed around the world for seven years. And not only did she and her husband Andy and their two small children set off on a voyage around the globe … they built their own 39-foot sloop! (for laymen – A Sailboat!) Confident in her sailing and lessons learned, she added two more transatlantic voyages after her BIG adventure. Today, Pam at 75 years old is still sailing her boat “Kandarik” across the waters.

A highly sought-after cruise consultant in the maritime industry, Pam lectures all over the world. She packs a big punch of knowledge into her 4’11-foot frame! Her expertise has led individuals and teams to outfit their sailing excursions with safety, fun and adventure.