National Beer Day Cruise

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By Michael Duval

Thanks to our late President, Franklin D Roosevelt, the April 6-7th weekend cruise was a total success. After all, what could go better than rafting with like minded sail-boaters, and socializing with a cold beer? To even up the excitement, this may be the first organized inter-club weekend cruise. Organizing this event was very easy: pick a venue, invite the local boating clubs, and buy some beer. Unfortunately, club calendars conflict, so not everyone could attend, but at the end of the day we had seventeen boats participate! HISC: nine, GSC: seven, SFSB: one; and one drive-by. :)

For those that have not been to Lake Sylvia in the recent past, you will find it has become a popular location for locals, transients, and even a few derelict boats. Nevertheless, there is plenty of swinging room for three-to-four boat rafts. As boats arrived and rafts secured, it didn’t take long for the water activities to begin. Margarita, from GSC, with their raft set the pace with stand-up paddle boarding. It’s refreshing to see families and their children having as much fun as they did playing in the water. The laughter coming from the inflatable tubes as they were towed behind a dinghy made me smile.

By the late afternoon, a blast from the Conch announced the gathering at the host raft: Windpunk, Intermission, Imagine, and The Rabbit. Before long the cockpits were full with conversation. Brenda Duvall, Suzi Wehe and Cheryl Webb conducted a rousing beer-trivia question and answer game with, what else, beer prizes awarded for the best answer. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to socialize with all of the participants, but we hope that we can pull off another weekend event with the other area sailing clubs before too long.

Many thanks to Gulfstream Sailing Club and South Florida Boaters and Sailors for participating.

Participating Boats

HISC: Alebrije, Commotion, Kokomo, Windpunk, Intermission, Imagine, The Rabbit, Dalecarlia, Glory Bee.

HISC Drive By:Duet

GSC: Margarita, Mi Sirena, Catmandu, Reel Faith, Bleu Bayu, Monarch, Cobia.

SFSB: Winam

Former HISC: In Sync