Race plan and Hosts 2020

Race Plan 2020-2021

  Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Recruit Race Hosts
  • Remind race hosts of their upcoming events
  • Skipper’s meeting – March 12
  • Assure all racers have signed the waivers
  • Keep track of race marks between races
  • Coordinate delivery of marks between races
  • Present awards at awards meeting

  Host Responsibilities

  • Provide a substitute when unable to attend
  • Watch weather and cancel if appropriate
  • Delegate setting of marks
  • Be present on a racing boat, committee boat, or beach committee location
  • Work with beach committee prior to race
  • Plan and announce course
  • Work with race results chair to assure results are ready
  • Work with trophies chair to assure trophies are available
  • Announce the winners at the after party


Race Hosts 2020-2021

To sign up to be a race host or coordinator, please contact Dale Kern at (954) 864-9791 or by email at info@hisc.org


Race Coordinator (Spring): Carl Wehe

 Event Date Host After Race Party
 Spring Series 1&2  March 29th  Leonard  
 Spring Series 3&4  April 5th  Wallace  
 Spring Series 5&6  May 3rd  Sussman  Sussman
 WPB Coastal  May 16th  Sparks  PBSC
 Spring Series 7&8  May 31st  Leonard  Miskin
 Spring Series 9&10  June 7th  Wallace  
 Nederlanden Coastal  June 20th  Kern  
 Singlehand Race  July 18th  Wehe  


Race Coordinator (Fall): Carl Wehe

 Event Date   Host After Race Party
 Ladies’ Day Race  August 9th    Wehe  
 Fall Series 1&2  August 16th    Wallace  
 Fall Series 3&4  August 30th    Leonard  
 Commodores’ Cup  September 19th    Kern  Social Committee
 Fall Series 5&6  September 27th    Wallace  
 Fall Series 7&8  October 18th    Duval  
 Fall Series 9&10  November 1st    Geller  Lockman
 Mary Wells Coastal  November 14th      Cowan