HISC organizes more than 20 formal buoy races for multiple classes each year. Five or more coastal races are also scheduled, in addition to casual Wednesday Night Beer Can races during the summer months. Our racing program is designed to be user friendly. We try to set courses that are challenging and fair to all competitors. In the past, our JAM Fleet race-scoring program adjusted ratings for each race based on the performance of the boat in buoy races. For 2014, we applied this system to all fleets, as this system allows each boat a level playing field, and gives boats more of a chance to move up in the finishing order. We believe that this was a success, and for 2015, we have decided to carry the rating adjustments forward into the new racing season, up to a maximum of 140% your base ratings. We do not run hard-core regattas where technicalities can cloud the basic goals of having fun and improving skills. The 2013-2016 RRS apply to all of our events, unless otherwise stated in the Sailing Instructions. The bottom line is to be safe and have fun.


Important Racing Information and Worksheets