Racing - So Far

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The first half of our racing season has come to a close.   We had 16 boats participate in the Spring series. The Palm Beach Regatta provided lots of excitement with a squall that tested our seamanship and lightning survival skills.    We changed the format of the Nederlanden Race to a pursuit start with 11 boats racing by the finish line in close proximity. In our September meeting we will present trophies to the top finishers in the Spring Series and Nederlanden race so be sure to attend and cheer for the top boats.  And speaking of cheering, Contrails created some noise in the Abacos taking multiple trophies including a first place. 

Next on the calendar is a trio of our traditional “fun” races – the Single-Handed Race, the Crew Race and of course – Ladies Day!  As this article is being written, several captains are getting ready for the single-handed race on July 20th.   In this race, the skipper races round the buoys single-handed without a crew.   It is always a great test of skill and helps us appreciate our crew! The very next weekend on July 28th, we flip the tables for our “crew” race where the skippers grind the winches and the crew calls the shots.  And on August 11th, we hold our annual Ladies Day Race which is always a highly competitive event.

Our beer can series continues on Wednesday evenings and the Fall Series starts August 25th.    The complete racing calendar is on HISC.ORG.

Are you on Facebook?   Be sure to check out the links to the videos from the Nederlanden Race.    We have great shots of every boat crossing the line and Michael Peteler captured the start.    Pictures are on the HISC webpage as well in the photo section.

We started a new crew pool with a private group on Facebook.   We set this up as a private group so people can share information more securely and to limit participation to HISC members and “family.”  If you need crew or you want to crew – this is the place to let everyone know! Links to the group are on both the main HISC Facebook page and on the HISC website.  

As always, be sure to thank the volunteers for making our race program run.   

See you on the water!

Michael Sparks


2019 HISC Race Chair