Racing Update

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Racing season is in full swing after the short break we had for the Easter/Passover and cruising venue. Spring Series Race 3&4 saw a participation of 15 of our boats with a few new ones joining the racing.  That’s the biggest turnout so far and once the other boats get their sails and boat repairs done, we expect even more boats on the line.

This weekend (April 14, 2018), we started off with the Gulfstream Regatta. HISC Racers have stepped up to the plate. We had 8 HISC racers and 7 Gulfstream competitors. The weather conditions were perfect, just enough wind, a few waves, and bright blue skies! Larry Geller used his power boat as race committee, thanks for that Larry. A great after race party at The Funky Buddha in Ft. Lauderdale was enjoyed by both participants and their crews along with many other non competing club members.

April 21, 2018 is The Miami-Key Largo Race. Once again, HISC Racers have stepped it up and participation is expected to be good from our club. 

We have always been told this is a fun race so this year Contrails and crew will be partaking of the event. We’ll let you know if the rumors are true!!

The return of Our club racing, Spring Series 5&6 for ARC and JAM, #3 for GNK will be on April 29, 2018. We are looking forward to even more racers joining the fun day on the water. We are still looking for Beach Committee volunteers to help out. Thanks to our Beach Committee for their hard work and efforts. Remember, call your boat name and sail number in when approaching/crossing the finish line! Every second counts!

May ushers even more sailing in with the start of Beer Can on May 2nd, our Spring Series 7&8 on May 6th.  Two really big event races are coming up that need mentioning.   May 19th Hospice, which is a very worthy cause and a great race and after party affair.  This race draws a lot of racers out because the race format is a pursuit race which means you could be alone on the start line or with very few boats.  It’s great for racers who want to get their feet wet!  We encourage everyone to join in both the racing, partying or both and raise some funds too!  It’s never too early to encourage racers for the HISC-WPB Race.  We have had low attendance in the past two years and we would like to see a boost in HISC’s involvement.  PBSC has promised a great after race venue with the addition of music!  Join in and drop me an email that you will be joining this race! 

Our first Coastal Race is the WPB Race.  Remember, choose your fleet wisely, as once you have signed up for a particular fleet, you can’t change until the season is over, which includes four Coastal Races!  


Barbara Wallace 

Race Chair