Renew Online

We have updated our Membership renewal process.


The 2023 Membership Renewal Fee is same as 2022 - $150 for Family membership or $125 for Individual membership.


We now offer three methods of renewing your membership.


#1 ( Preferred ! This method does not have a transaction fee for either you or the club )

Pay by Zelle - If your online bank supports Zelle ( Most do ! ) then please use Zelle - Click here


#2 ( We pay a transaction fee on this method )

Pay by Credit card of Paypal account - scroll down this page


#3 ( Subject to delivery delays ) Pay by Check

To renew by check, send your check to:


PO Box 5241

Lighthouse Point, FL 33074

PLEASE include your Membership name on the check !!!












If you wish to pay your membership renewal for your Family membership, then Please click on the Button below:



If you have not yet membership renewal for your Individual Membership, please click on the link below: