Single Hand Race

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2020 HISC Single-Handed Race

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Saturday September 12th, 2020



  1.  Rules: This race is governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing except as modified by the HISC General Sailing Instructions and this Notice of Race.
  2. Eligibility: This race is open to all HISC Members who have completed and signed the HILLSBORO INLET SAILING CLUB OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM for the 2020/21 racing season and have an assigned HISC Rating.
  3. Entry Deadline: Skippers should contact the Race Chair ( by 6:00 PM Friday July 17th.
  4. Fleets and Starting Times: All boats will race in a single fleet at 11:00 AM. The Race Committee may elect to postpone the start depending on conditions.
  5. Starting Line: The starting line will be between an orange inflatable buoy and the Committee Boat.  The start line will be in the normal start location for buoy races approximately one mile north of the Hillsboro Inlet.
  6. This is a single-handed race. The skipper/captain must sail the boat from the preparatory signal through the finish without assistance. Only two people are allowed onboard – the skipper/captain and an observer for safety.
  7. This is a jib and main only race. Specialty headsails are not permitted.
  8. Engines must be turned off at or prior to the preparatory signal and remain off for the duration of the race.
  9. Each boat is required to have an observer onboard for safety. The observer may not assist the skipper with tactical advice, calling sail trim, or otherwise sailing the boat in any form except as follows:


    * The observer may (and is required) to advise the skipper of any potential hazard such as colliding with another vessel, striking an object in the water or running aground

    The observer may (and is required) to advise the skipper of any divers or diver flags

    The observer may (and is required) provide any assistance requested by the skipper to avoid a hazard or respond to a dangerous situation (See #10)

    The observer may hand the skipper a beer or other beverage during the race however the observer may not “hold the skipper’s beer”

    The observer may monitor the VHF radio and respond to any hails

    The observer may be positioned anywhere on the boat

  10. If the observer is required to provide physical assistance in handling the boat to avoid a hazard or mitigate a potentially hazardous situation, the boat may either retire or execute a 360 penalty turn and continue racing unassisted. If the boat continues to race, the skipper is required to report the event to the Race Committee at the conclusion of the race. The Race Committee will determine (in its sole judgement) if the penalty turn is sufficient or if the boat should be disqualified.
  11. Awards: Prizes will be awarded for the first three finishers based on corrected time.   Base rating will be used to determine corrected time.   Awards will be announced at the following Thursday Virtual Happy Hour on July 23rd at 7pm.