St Patrick's Day Cruise

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Written by Hector Arrillaga
Hellooo, cruisers!
Another great cruise and a great start of our cruising year.
The weather forecast predicted a rainy weekend while we did predict a lot of fun and camaraderie.
And guess who delivered?
This may be a first for HISC but the highlight of the cruise was a Jam session organized by Judy Keiser with more than 6 musicians and Dave Lockman's rendition of the rain dance which totally failed because the weather was just extraordinary! From Irish songs, we moved on to other types of music, including Swedish drinking songs! You may have guessed by now. One-third of the boats were flying a Swedish flag.
The yoga session had only two participants. Maybe the Swedish songs were making an effect...
Eleven boats participated in an event that broke apart after a sliced salmon with cream cheese breakfast and a good conversation to start the day.
Come and cruise with us! Our forecast is very accurate. Lots of fun with a slight chance of yoga.
Hector for the cruising hosts