A successful season

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Valentines Day/ Couples Race on February 9, 2019 will complete the 2018 HISC racing season.  We are hoping for a lot of boats to compete in this race which will culminate with an After Race Party in Lake Boca hosted by cruising boats;  Duet, Paradocs, and Southwind.  The Chili cook-off competition was “fierce “  last year and we expect nothing less this year!  If the weather Gods bless us, we’ll start the race at 11:00am at our normal start.


This race will be my last as Race Chair and I must say it’s been an eventful run.  We completed all 20 Spring/Fall Series, 4 Coastals, and 4 Speciality races without a cancellation or date change.  This club was founded on racing and it takes all of us to keep this going.


Special thanks to the following groups:  Buoy Captains, J. Antweiler, M. Duvall, R. Schafer, T. Leonard.  Mark Setters, L. Geller, M. Duvall, J. Wallace.  Our persistent Beach Committee, Terry and Gus Sclafani and all the people who assisted them.  Vice Race Chair, Chip Packard.  Race Results, Patricia DeMars and Race Consultant, Cindy Cowan.  Trophies,  Bill Zimmer.  After Race Parties, Karyn and Al Katz, Linda and John Kaelblein and all those who have hosted the after race parties in their homes!


Most of all I thank my Mentor, Husband, and Team Racer, Jim Wallace, for his ongoing support and advice!  Also, thanks to my crew onboard Contrails, Ken White, Andy Ryder, Shawn Edwards,  and Julian Taylor, who patiently and tirelessly participated in our races.


So much help, but so needed, and very grateful to everyone who have done so much.  Thank you to everyone who participated and allowed me the opportunity to do this job!  I know 2019 will be just as good and under great leadership.  Step up and volunteer to keep our race program going.  Remember, have fun, race fast, and stay safe!



Barbara Wallace

Race Chair



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Nicely done Barabra, you've written some great Racing Articles for the site and the Inlet Outlet.

Thank you!