Youth Sailing Program

Youth Sailing is one of the four functional areas (Racing, Cruising, Youth Sailing, and Social) of the club. It is a key element for the recruitment of new members. The club owns a fleet of Sunfish and Optimists for use in Quiet Waters Park to train member and community children in the art of sailing. The HISC youth sailing program is taught by qualified club members. It is clear why the program aids in the recruitment of new members. Members can enroll any number of their children in youth sailing at no cost. We have many members who joined HISC for the sole reason of getting the free training and may have had the idea of quitting once that benefit had been taken. But, after a year of membership, these parents found other club activities was reason enough to continue membership. The Mentor program is designed to keep retention high for these parents. We now have many members who, as children, started their sailing life in the HISC Youth Sailing program. Since we have been doing this for so many years now we have their children in the program.

Beyond the benefits to the members, Youth Sailing is a vital part of our community outreach program. It goes a long way to dispelling the notion that sailing is just beyond their reach. It demonstrates to our friends and neighbor that sailing is for everyone. Twice each year we display banners in Lighthouse Point advertising the upcoming Youth Sailing session. This leads to articles being written in local newspapers.


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Anyone interested in having their children or grand-children join our youth sailing program please contact:

Barry Simmons 305-319-0873 or email: