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HISC is composed of four key areas: Cruising, Racing, Social Activities, and  Youth Sailing. Beyond the benefits to the members, Youth Sailing is a vital  part of our community outreach program. It demonstrates to our friends  and neighbors that sailing is for everyone. The HISC youth sailing program is  taught by volunteer club members, who are certified by U.S Sailing. The club  owns a fleet of small sailboats: Optimists, O'pen Skiffs, and Sunfish. These boats  are stored at Quiet Waters Park for use twice a year to train children aged 8 to 18  in the art of sailing.  

 Members can enroll any number of their children or grandchildren in youth  sailing at no cost. Enrollment is offered first to club members, and then if space is  still available, to the general public for a nominal fee of $75 per child. Since HISC  family membership is only $150, most families prefer to join the club and enjoy all  the benefits. We don't mind that they do! 


 Our club has offered a youth sailing program for over 30 years. We are proud  to boast of a few members who, as children, started their sailing life in the HISC  Youth Sailing program. For more information, click on this link:

Youth Sailing Information Document - 2022

Youth Sailing Registration Form - 2022

Waiver Form - 2022 

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Anyone interested in having their children or grand-children join our youth sailing program please contact:

Barry Simmons 305-319-0873 or email: