HISC Etiquette

HISC Etiquette

The primary objectives of HISC are: sailing; racing; boating; cruising; socializing and building relationships. The club encourages active participation in all aspects of the club of interest to each member. HISC is strong because of the membership involvement.

As the membership continues to expand these guidelines are provided to help avoid awkward situations.

Social Event Guidelines
Timing – Most events have a start time and an end time listed. Plan on arriving and leaving on time.

“Permission to Come Aboard” – It is a long-standing marine custom to request permission to board another’s boat, so ask first.

Alcohol – Unless otherwise specified, events are BYOB. Alcohol consumption at events should be restricted to social drinking. Events are mostly held at member’s homes or boats. Excessive consumption creates potential problems and potential liability that the host is never willing to assume.

Beverages – Water is provided at events. Other beverages may also be provided. Members may bring desired beverages to events.

Food – Unless otherwise specified, events are pot luck. Bring a plate to share. Label platters that should be returned. It is best to ensure those platters are also collected when leaving. The events permit experiencing a wide range of culinary offerings. Plates, utensils and napkins are provided.

Pets – It is best practice to not bring pets to social events.

Children – The parents are expected to maintain control of children at events. There are pools, docks, winches, lines and other potential hazards that create risks when children are running. Plan on the children wearing lifejackets continuously when on the host’s boat.

Exterior / Interior Activity – Unless otherwise specified, events held at a member’s home or boat are exclusively an outside activity. When at the home, plan on using the side gate to access the rear patio. When on the Host’s boat, the event is held in the cockpit and deck, not the salon, staterooms or head.

Bathrooms – Plan ahead so that using the boat’s head (bathroom) is not required for bathroom usage.

Trash – Land events will have trash barrels and recycle bins. Water events might also provide those receptacles. Plan on collecting and leaving with refuse that you generate, if required.

Attending w/o a Boat – It is frequently possible to attend a boat event without a boat. Contact one of the hosts to see if arrangements may be made for dinghy pickup / drop off from a nearby dock. Remember that scheduling / arranging /adhering to a return time is important, so that an unexpected late-night dinghy trip won’t spoil a great event.

Rafting – When attending events in an anchor area, use normal anchoring procedures and rules. Members may raft up with other boats. Those configurations are always planned ahead, so members should set their own anchor, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Crossing Boats – When multiple boats are rafted together and the center boat must be crossed, pass through on the bow and not the cockpit.

Loud Noise – Control noise from 10 PM to 7AM so that members may get their beauty sleep.

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