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It’s July—We’re 1/3rd of the way through the Commodore Year.

Thanks to all of our Contributors, this edition of the ION is the largest, 46 Pages, ever!

Great articles from our Commodore, Ross Hunton, Astrid, aboard Commotion for their extended cruise to the Bahamas, Mike & Brenda Duvall for updates on their trip to the Abacos.

And there are many more articles.


Do me a huge favor if you have an article for the July edtion, get it to me before the 20th of the month so that we can publish before the 1st of August.


Thanks everyone.


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And we’re off! It’s been a great start to...

Happy New Year—it has a special meaning this year and I think many...


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We take some things for granted. If you ever ask me how I am doing, my response is typically...


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A Busy time in the club - hope you participated...

Mentioned every member in this issue, but you should really check out the sailing Humor page.

There’s a lot of effort being put into expanding the club events as more of us open our doors and peek...

Summer is just around the corner and the number of boats on the water promises a busy time on

At the outset of this Commodore year, I am enormously grateful for the...


And here's a link to the Photos that Peggy took at the Change of Command Dinner


Sailing.... a sport, a pastime, a passion. 

We are Sailors.    We are part of an interesting, and maybe even eclectic, breed of people who band together under one common interest.... Sailing.       But why sailing?   

What a crazy year 2020 has been.   Thankfully, as of this writing, I am unaware

As the year progresses and our COVID situation persists, I have learned a few things. It was obvious from the beginning that...

Following Dale's Leadership during this difficult year is going to be a challenge. Despite the Pandemic and severe restrictions on club member meetings, Dale has done a great job of keeping the club together. Proof of that is in our recruitme...

The month of June provided a small dose of relief from the COVID situation as cases dipped

Three months have gone by and the virus is still with us.   We are beginning to see some life

This month's edition of the Inlet Outlet has several articles by members and a bit of Flag History.

The Crossword Puzzle this month uses the Names of Member's Boats, is your boat included?

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