We are starting to fill the "decade" folders with the yarns about the HISC.   

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alt text008 – Racing Buoys, Lost, Stolen, or Strayed.pdfRacing Buoys
alt text015 - Free Speech at the HISC.pdfFree Speech at the HISC
alt text027 – Living Aboard.pdfLiving Aboard
alt text028 – A Star to Steer By.pdfA Star to Steer By - Pete Gustafson's tale
alt text033 – Pets at Sea.pdfPets at Sea
alt text074 – One and a Half Times Around.pdfThe circumnavigation of the S/V Contrails
alt text088 – The Sailing Social.pdfSailing Social
alt text096 - Bahamas Bound.pdfPoem by Dick Simmons
alt text100 - Powerboats.pdfWhy a Sailing Club has Powerboats
alt text112 – Youth Sailing, the last 30 years.pdfYouth Sailing, the last 30 years
alt text121 – HISC Finance or Show Me the Money.pdfShow Me the Money
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