We are starting to fill the "decade" folders with the yarns about the HISC.   

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alt text005 - Tech comes to the Inlet.pdfTech comes to the Inlet
alt text038 - Crossing - John Sammons’ Atlantic Adventure.pdfVoyage of Marni from Palma to St. Thomas
alt text062 – Composite Cruising Story.pdfComposite Cruising Story
alt text071 - Three Who Spoke.pdfThree of the best speakers
alt text077 - Hurricane Dorian.pdfMarsh Harbor Hurricane Account
alt text080 – Upgrade.pdfPaul Chasse improves his ride
alt text091 – Eight Bells for Larry Winchell.pdfLarry Winchell burial at sea
alt text105 – Anchor Chain Like a Phone Cord.pdfJeff Keiser's anchor
alt text109 – Selling the Club.pdfSelling the Club
alt text117 - Sailing in Historic Waters.pdfThe Waters of Southeastern Florida
alt text118 - Epic Parties.pdfGreat parties too good to forget
alt text995 — The Commodores of the HISC.pdfCommodores 1971 - 2021
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