We are starting to fill the "decade" folders with the yarns about the HISC.   

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alt text002 – Blood and the Three Bettys.pdfThe "Blood Parties"
alt text004 – A Matter of Character – The Bill Pettit Story.pdfA Matter of Character – The Bill Pettit Story
alt text042 – Holiday Boat Parades.pdfThe Holiday Boat Parades
alt text043 – Tropic Harbor Bash.pdfTropic Harbor Bash 1979 - 1987
alt text048 - Bahamas Behind Us.pdfBahamas Behind Us
alt text053 – The Infamous Doufuss.pdfThe Infamous Doufuss
alt text083 – The Art of the HISC.pdfArt and Artists of the HISC
alt text084 – That Perfect Bahamian Cruise.pdfA collaboration of the senses
alt text086 – Love and Marriage.pdfSailboat weddings
alt text104 – Anniversary celebrations.pdfHow We Marked Our Important Milestones
alt text116 - What's in a Name.pdfHow we name our boats
alt text118 - Epic Parties.pdfEpic Parties
alt text119 – Big Blue is in the House, the IBM Influence.pdfIBM and HISC
alt text122 – Change of Command 1983.pdfChange of Command 1983
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