We are starting to fill the "decade" folders with the yarns about the HISC.   

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alt text000 – Bob’s beginning of the book.pdfBob’s beginning of the book
alt text001 – Founding story on the dock at Lighthouse Point.pdfThe founding story
alt text013 - A Potpourri of HISC Information.pdfA Potpourri of HISC Information
alt text036 – Rescue from Treasure Cay.pdfRescue from Treasure Cay
alt text050 - The Singer Rarely Sailed.pdfThe Grace Rice Story
alt text052 – Basic White Slacks.pdfBasic White Slacks
alt text057 - Nobody will want to read that book.pdfNobody will want to read that book
alt text063 - Babysitting the Tingen's Morgan.pdfTales of the Baby Sat
alt text064 – Mary meets Bill.pdfMary meets Bill
alt text073 - Change of Command 1976.pdfChange of Command 1976 poem
alt text078 – War Eagle Kicks Butt.pdfWar Eagle Kicks Butt
alt text079 - Don't Start Without Me.pdfDon't Start Without Me
alt text103 - Lara Munsterman.pdfLara Munsterman falls off a boat, but it still wins the race
alt text107 – Gerry’s Key West race JAN 1979.pdfInspector Clouseau Races to Margaritaville
alt text108 – Gerry's Clean Machine.pdfLet the Clean Machine Do Your Bottom
alt text110 – Youth Sailing in the Early Years.pdfYouth Sailing in the Early Years
alt text111 - Change of Command 1977.pdfPoem written and read by Dick Simmons
alt text113 – New Kid on the block.pdfPete Gustafson, The New Kid on the Block
alt text115 – Surfing the Inlet.pdfSurfing the Inlet
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