We are starting to fill the "decade" folders with the yarns about the HISC.   

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alt text007 – Ladies Rule on Ladies’ Day.pdfLadies Rule on Ladies’ Day
alt text012 – Our Club Hunts.pdfTreasure Hunts
alt text076 – Great Storm on Great Sale.pdfShipwrecked on Great Sale
alt text087 - Michael and the Costco Kid.pdfA Cruise Gone Wrong
alt text090 – HISC Cookbook.pdfSailor's Choice, The 1995 HISC Member's Cookbook
alt text098 – Awards, Trophies, and Flags.pdfAwards, Trophies, & Flags
alt text120 – Sailing to Win, Racing at the HISC.pdfSailing to Win
alt text1990sRace Results.pdfRace data from the 1990s
alt textThe Lunch Bunch.pdfThe Lunch Bunch
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