2017 General Ocean Racing Information

Management: The HISC Race Committee will hold a Spring and Fall buoy racing series as well as a Coastal Series consisting of 4 races throughout the year

Eligibility and Entry: The HISC Spring and Fall buoy racing programs are open to all current members of the club. All Coastal Series races are open to any oceangoing seaworthy sailing vessel. Guests are encouraged to sail on club boats while racing. Boats that change fleet mid series are not eligible for series trophies.

Liability: The Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club, its organizers, volunteers and sponsors bear no responsibility for accidents, damages, or injuries to boats or personnel arising from any cause during races or related activities. Attention is drawn to the Racing Rules of Sailing, Part 1 – Fundamental Rules.

Rules: The 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing and the US Sailing Prescriptions  thereto shall apply for all HISC races except as modified by these instructions as needed. Each crew must be familiar with the currently effective rules of racing.

Another very important rule is the RESTRICTION AGAINST SAILING WITHIN 300 FEET (ONE FOOTBALL FIELD) OF A ANY DIVER DOWN FLAG. Failure to adhere to this rule is subject to protest by any other boat or the Race Committee and possible “DSQ”.

Fleets and Classes:  Members may choose in which class to compete.

  1. The Assigned Rating Class (ARC) is designed for boats and crew wishing to fly a spinnaker.
  2. The Jib and Main Only Class (JAM) is the cruiser class for both Bouy Races and for the Coastal Series Races.

The Race Committee reserves the right to add or combine classes.

Ratings: Ratings will initially be based on PHRF ratings with consideration to each boat’s equipment, sail plan and intended use. The Race Committee will establish each boat’s rating prior to its first race. For the Bouy Races all ARC and JAM Fleet boat’s ratings will be adjusted by the clubs result  based scoring program. All Coastal Series Races will be scored using each boats club assigned rating, not the adjusted ratings generated during the Spring and Fall Bouy Races.

Scoring: The Low Point Scoring system will apply, 1 for first, 2 for second, 3 for third, and so on. The Spring Series is planned for 10 races and scoring will be on the best 7 races sailed. The Fall Series is planned for 10 races and scoring will be on the best 7 races sailed. Throw outs may be used in the event of a canceled race that cannot be rescheduled. Coastal Series races are scored separately, and 3 Coastal Races must be sailed to be eligible for prizes. If you choose to switch fleets during a series you will not be scored in the new fleet until the next series begins.

Checking In: When the Race Committee is ready, an announcement will be made for all participating boats to check in. All boats will check in with the Race Committee on Channel 68 prior to the first Warning Signal.

Starting Times: The first start for bouy races will be at 11:00 am. It is the intention of the Race Committee to start the Coastal Races at 10:00, though this is subject to amendment by the sailing instructions of each particular race.

Click to read Sailing Instructions

Prizes: Class prizes for each race(prizes for the first 3 places in each class) will be presented at the after race party whenever possible. A prize will be given to the first placed boat in ARC in each coastal race that does not race in the ARC  fleet in Buoy races and does not finish in the first 3 boats in that particular race.

Class prizes for each Series and Perpetual Trophies will be awarded at the General Club meeting to current members following completion of each Series and/or race.

Special Class Prizes and Perpetual Trophies will be awarded for:

  • The Nederlanden Race
  • The Ladies Day Race
  • The Commodore’s Cup
  • Mary Wells Challenge Cup

Perpetual Trophies will also be awarded for:

  • Coastal Series (The best HISC Boat)
  • Columbus Day Regatta
    • The best HISC Boat in ARC
    • The best HISC Boat in the PHRF Class
  • Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race (The best HISC Boat)